Welcome to my site! This blog will cover topics including technology, engineering, art, science, pop culture, and environmental & conservation topics. Anything of interest and intrigue… on this strange little planet.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, a city with a lot of culture, art, engineering, and what seems to be an endless amount of festivals on every weekend… and the great outdoors with the Rocky Mountains just a 45 minute drive west of the city. Always an abundance of things to blog about!

Roman K.
BBA, Dip Mktg, EET

Me at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Taking in the scenery at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Let me introduce myself. I am a technologist/marketer or marketer technologist, which means… I have backgrounds in both marketing and electronics engineering technology.

It was the time when I was nearing the completion of my EET diploma that I realized I wanted to diversify my educational/career background, so I decided to go for a business diploma. Gave accounting a try but soon recognized it was not for me. So I made the switch to something that I felt fit my creative side and could go well with my EET diploma; marketing.

One of my greatest marketing accomplishments happened just before I started taking business courses. In the summer of 2003, while working a summer job at Fort Steele Heritage Town, I was able to get the Stanley Cup to make a visit. It’s presence at the park increased guest numbers and online awareness. The visit was even featured on the NHL’s Stanley Cup Travels blog.

Me holding the holy grail of hockey, the Stanley Cup.
I never thought I’d get to hold it above my head!

Since graduating in 2007 with my BBA it has been challenging securing a career, mainly due to the recession of 2008 when there were hardly any doors open for new graduates. But I made the best of it and held some interesting jobs as a groundskeeper, ski lift operator, production manager, and most recently as a technologist in the oil and gas sector. In addition, prior to graduating, I worked in a very unique position not many people get to do; for two seasons I was a steam locomotive fireman at Fort Steele Heritage Town’s heritage railway – a rare job in this day and age without a doubt.

That's me in the blue shirt with the railway crew at Fort Steele Heritage Town
That’s me in the blue shirt with the railway crew at Fort Steele Heritage Town.

Currently I’m keeping myself busy building and running this blog, and with it, building my marketing portfolio. I’m always open to new job opportunities! If you are looking for a creative marketer that has a strong technical side, and a unique background, feel free to contact me for a résumé. Thank you and enjoy the blog posts.

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If you have an interesting local event or festival that you want to spread awareness about, give me an invite and I’ll blog about it. Hey, free marketing!