Nuit Blanche Calgary – Sept 20, 2014

It seems as though the month of September in Calgary should be declared as Arts and Sciences month. Following on the heels of Maker Faire and Beakerhead was the 2nd bi-annual Nuit Blanche Calgary festival, or as the Nuit Blanche website describes it “a sunset-to-late night contemporary arts festival.”

For over 8 hours, the area covering Olympic Plaza, the EPCOR Centre of Performing Arts, and City Hall was filled with performance artists and arts installations – a total of 18 altogether. Looking at the pamphlet while I’m putting this blog post together, I noticed that I actually missed a bunch. The following photo gallery shows some of the highlights of the evening. Click on the thumbnails for the larger photos.

No announcement has been made yet, but since this is bi-annual, the next event should be in 2016.


Nuit Blanche Calgary

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