Beakerhead Day 4 – Little Big Street Highlights

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Little Big Street and Beakernight were probably the highlights of Beakerhead. Beakernight took place at the same location as Little Big Street, but I got there early to take a number of photos while the sun was still out. The highlights included:

  • Gee Gnome –  a fire spewing gnome.
  • Hippo Love – a local art car that was built for Burning Man in Nevada.
  • Daisy – the world’s largest tricycle built by Vancouver’s eatART. eatART also built containR which is currently located next to the Sunnyside c-train station, and the Mondo Spider that attended last year’s Beakerhead. Daisy also made an appearance at Burning Man.
  • Rock Golem – our local Rock Golem made an appearance with his entourage.
  • Laser Cat – a giant cat head with lasers that projected art.
  • Pavo Concertus – a local art car with a built-in fully-operational organ that looks like a peacock.
  • Momentum Drummers – from New York, these drummers use everyday objects for a creative sound.
  • iLuminate – formerly known as Team iLuminate when they competed on the sixth season of America’s Got Talent.
  • El Pulpo Mecanico – the fire-spewing giant mechanical octopus, as well as a whole lot of other things of interest and intrigue.

Lots of photos were taken, enough to wear-out my camera batteries while I was there. I picked out the best ones so here they are, followed by a video of Daisy, the solar-powered tricycle. Beakernight will be covered in the next post with more videos and photos. Click on the thumbnails to access the galleries.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Then the sun set and it was time to light up the night with flames and neon, during Bekernight, coming up in my next post.


eatART Foundation
Pavo Concertus
Hippo Love
Momentum Drummers
El Pulpo Mecanico


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