Beakerhead Day 4, Sept 13, 2014 – El Pulpo Mecanico – Exclusive

Beakerhead logo

El Pulpo Mecanico Faceplate

A giant fire spewing octopus on the chassis of a 1973 Ford 250 pick-up truck – this is El Pulpo Mecanico! At 25 feet tall, it uses 200 gallons of propane during each show. Just one giant cam in the middle spins and controls the movement of the tentacles, eyeballs, and mouths, yup, four mouths to be exact. Each flame can be controlled independently via a control box, allowing it to be synched to music. It was built from scrap from Arcata Scrap and Salvage by Duane Flatmo and Jerry Kunkel of California, and made its debut at Burning Man 2011. This is one crazy beast.

You’ll notice in the photos a mini-me version of El Pulpo. This little sculpture was bought in Mexico and served as the inspiration for its larger sibling. Be sure to watch the videos of El Pulpo in action.

El Pulpo performing at night…


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