Beakerhead Day 3 Highlights – Sept 12, 2014

On day 3 of Beakerhead, I took in three events around the city. Some driving around and a trip on the C-Train was required but I was able to get in all that I wanted to see, while avoiding the dreaded Calgary rush hour traffic.

Festo’s RC Flying Jellyfish Demonstration at The Calgary Zoo

First up was Festo’s demonstration of their flying RC jellyfish at the Calgary Zoo. Festo is a German engineering company that specializes in the manufacturing and development of electrical automation products. Their bionics team demonstrated the flying jellyfish and had their RC bird on display as well. Their website can be found at:
Festo does have a local office in Calgary.

Here’s a few photos of the demonstration:

And a video of the jellyfish in action:

A Taste of “That Thing in the Desert” at Sunnyside’s ContainR Performing Arts Venue

Still a cold, wet, rainy day that followed the first snowfall of the season, but that didn’t deter me from making a trip to Sunnyside to take in a taste of Nevada’s Burning Man Festival, right here in Calgary. The League of Extraordinary Albertans showed their stuff that has been presented at Black Rock City in Nevada. Think of it as Woodstock for artists, or, as the Beakerhead program describes it “a celebration of freedom and radical self-expression through a communal display of arts, science, and engineering.” Wandering around, it brought back memories of family trips out on the coast to Hornby Island. If anyone’s been to Hornby Island, you’ll know what I mean. A rocket with a DJ, the Hippo Love art car, and other eccentric items of interest and intrigue were on display. Click on the thumbnail for the photo gallery, and click on a photo to enlarge and cycle thru.

Inglewood’s Night Market

Unfortunately I got to Inglewood’s Night Market quite late. Lots of stands, but crowds were lite due to the colder temperatures, and El Pulpo Mecanico ran out of propane. Regrettably, I didn’t take any photos there, but this event is going on my list for next year.


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